Cooking while Studying Abroad

This semester has been the first time I have to buy groceries and cook meals for myself. At my college back home, I was a on the meal plan so I didn’t have to cook for myself. At most my “cooking” would consist of making eggs at the dining hall egg bar or stir fry at stir fry station which I feel doesn’t really count as real cooking. At home both my parents are great cooks so they do most of the cooking but I do help out in the kitchen sometimes. So far, its been experimenting with cooking new things while abroad! Below are some of my favorite easy, generally healthy, and yummy dishes I’ve cooked so far!

Pretty much every morning, I’ll make myself eggs either scrambled or as sometimes an omelet on the weekends. I am a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I like starting my day on a good note.

For lunch/dinner here are some of my favorites things to make below:

DIY Poke Bowl with sashimi grade salmon, cucumber, sriracha mayo, and avocado; also oftentimes will substitute sashimi grade salmon with regular cooked salmon since it’s cheaper
A copycat version of Noodle and Company’s pesto cavatappi with chicken, tomato and pesto; probably my favorite thing I’ve made this semester
Classic Stir fried rice with chicken, egg, and spinach; you can never go wrong with stirfry plus it’s pretty easy. Hardest part was probably trying to figure out which grocery store had soy sauce ( smaller grocery stores here often don’t carry it)
Udon noodles with spinach in miso soup
Quick and easy chicken and broccoli with rice
While these may look may appear to be dinosaur nuggets, this actually pork katsu. Pork katsu is a made of pork that is coated egg, flour and panko flakes and pan fried. I used to make this with my parents back home and was craving it one day so I decided to try to make it myself and it was a success!

Overall, it’s been fun experimenting with creating new dishes. It’s also been cool to document how much I’ve progressed from just making ramen noodles the first couples days I’ve been here.

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