Beyond City Limits: My Favorite Day Trips from Copenhagen

While Copenhagen has more than enough to offer, I have enjoyed getting to explore Denmark beyond the city center. Below, I have compiled some of my favorite day trips I have taken so far. As I continue exploring, I’ll be sure to update this list!

1. Møns Klint

About 1.5-2 hours South of Copenhagen by car

Møns Klint is hands down my favorite day trip destination  I have visited so far. The views of the white chalk cliffs contrasted by the turquoise sea are absolutely amazing and make climbing up and down the cliffs worth it. I could easily spent a whole afternoon here hiking and taking in the views. You can read more about my adventure to Møns Klint here

Note: This place is not very accessible by car so I would recommend renting a car with some friends to drive down here.

2. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 

About 45 minutes North by Train, get off at Humlebæk station

One of the coolest modern art museums I have visited. I love how seamlessly this  museum combines artwork, sculpture, and nature. If its a sunny day, I would recommend walking along the Sculpture park outside. My favorite exhibits when I visited were the Sonia Delaunay exhibit as well as the Kusama exhibition.

3. Forest Tower at Camp Adventure

About 50 minutes by car, 2 hours by public transportation

Located in the Gisselfeld Kloster forest, Camp adventure provides you a unique nature getaway.  The Forest Tower harmoniously blends architecture with nature and climbing up the tower provides you with stunning views of the forest and surrounding area. Additionally, you can also enjoy the climbing park as well as glamping here.

4. Dragør

About 30-40 minutes from Copenhagen, take the 250S bus from the city center 

After taking a short bus ride from Copenhagen, you’ll arrive  in a  charming little fishing town  with yellow houses called Dragør. It’s a fun place to walk around on a nice sunny day  exploring the small shops, bakeries, and walking along the harbor. 

5. Helsingør

About a 45 minutes train from Copenhagen

Helsingør is a  small  charming port city located north of Copenhagen with a medieval character. The most popular site to visit here is the Kronborg castle which is also the setting for Shakespeare Hamlet! During the summer months they even hold Hamlet plays at the castle!

Overall, I have enjoyed exploring beyond Copenhagen and would encourage future students to do the same!

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