Recap of Entrepreneurship Core Course Week

Hi everyone! About two weeks ago, we had Core Course week which is a 3 day short academic tour in a nearby country or Denmark and a 2 day seminar in Copenhagen with our Core Course class. My course Innovation and Entrepreneurship traveled to southern Sweden for the first three days and spent the last 2 days in Copenhagen.

Day 1:

We started our core course week bright and early with a meeting with Mik Thobo Carlsen who co-founded both Tattoodo which is a digital marketplace that connects people interested in getting a tattoo with tattoo artists and Mindpool which is collective intelligence platform that allows organizations to gather insights from their employees in order to improve the organization. It was interesting to hear about how he founded the two companies and  I was surprised by how different they were.

Afterwards we boarded our bus and headed to Sweden. We first stopped in Malmo, Sweden for a quick lunch before heading to an archery range. We warmed up by the fire pit and had coffee made from pot before putting our archery skills to the test.  Even though most of us weren’t too good at archery, it was a fun and social class bonding activity.

After archery, we traveled to Lund to check into our hotel. We had some free time before dinner so some classmates and I walked around and explored Lund a little bit. We  ended the night with a class dinner where we had a four course class dinner that consisted of salmon, veal, a cheese board, and ice cream.

Above: Lund Cathedral
Above: Veal for dinner

Day 2:

On the second day we visited the Ideon Science Park where we got to hear four startups pitch at “Pitchers Corner”. We as students also got to be involved in the process by giving our feedback to the pitchers. We were assigned to either  to give positive feedback, feedback on ways to improve, or customer/investor feedback. After receiving feedback for their pitches, the pitchers then had about 20 minutes to make changes and pitch again. I was most impressed by the pitchers Jimmy and Helma. In the first round, Jimmy’s pitch was a little over two and half minutes and it was difficult to follow his pitch at times. In the second round of pitching, he improved tremendously and got his pitch to be 41 seconds. Helma was definitely the best pitcher by far she was clear and concise in her pitch in both rounds. After Pitchers corner we drove back to Malmo.

Above: Pitcher’s Corner at Ideon Science Park

We had some free time so some classmates and I stopped at the Malmo Saluhall for lunch and did some window shopping. For dinner, we headed to Malmo Brewing Company where we met the founder and learned how he brews the beer and other beverages for the brewery. Afterwards, we got to try the beer or other  beverages and also have a nice barbecue dinner as a class.

Above: Lunch at Malmo Saluhall with some classmates
Above: learning about how brewing beer works
Above: barbecue dinner at Malmo Brewery

Day 3:

On Wednesday, we met with the co-founder of Sproud which is a company that makes pea milk. He talked to us about his journey creating Sproud and we even got to try different versions of pea milk ourselves! The pea milk was surprisingly good and the chocolate pea one was my favorite. Afterwards, we had a class lunch and then departed back to Copenhagen.

Above: our class with Sproud’s pea milk

Day 4:

On Thursday we met with the  co-founder of Vivino which is the largest wine marketplace app. This was definitely my favorite visit and I learned the most from this co-founder. It was really interesting to hear about how he dealt with different challenges and how he pivoted his business idea along the way.

Day 5:

For the last day, we had a design thinking workshop. We worked in pairs and tried to come up with ideas to improve the gift giving experience for our partner. After the workshop, we got into our startup groups to ideate possible solutions for the problem our startup was tackling. My startup team is trying to address the problem of outdated and scattered travel advice. 

Above: my team generating business ideas

Overall I really enjoyed Core Course week. It was great way to learn about entrepreneurship outside the classroom as well as get to know my classmates a little better. Tune in next week for the next abroad update 🙂

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