Week 3 Recap:  Visiting Host  Family, Onsdagssnegle, Rosenborg Castle and more !

Hi again! Here’s a little recap of week 3 in Copenhagen (Jan 31-Feb 6)


Jan 31-Run along the Harbor

On Monday I went for a run without  a specific route and ended up at the Copenhagen Harbour. It was so pretty here that the views definitely made me stop a couple times on my run just to take in the pretty scenery. 

Above: winter bathers at the harbour

Feb 2nd- Onsdagssnegle, Nørrebro, Amager StrandPark

 Since I didn’t have any field studies this Wednesday, I wanted to explore Copenhagen a little. I started off my morning with the famous (and very yummy) Onsdagssnegle (cinnamon bun)  from Skt Peders Bageri. After fulfilling my appetite,  I headed over to Nørrebro to walk around. I took a stroll through Assistens  Cemetery which functions as both a cemetery and also a park. Fun fact: Hans Christian Andersen is buried here.  Afterwards, I walked around the streets of Nørrebro where I saw some a  pop up stand for Copenhagen Fashion Week and some cool murals.

Pastries at Skt Peders Bageri
Assisten Cemetery
Mural in Nørrebro
pop up stand about Copenhagen Fashion Week

After exploring Nørrebro, I went back to my kollegium for lunch and then met up with my friend Abby to go visit Amager StrandPark. This might be one of my favorite places in the Copenahgen area so far. I like how serene and calm this area is compared to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Views from Amager StrandPark

February 5th- Being a Tourist for a day

On Saturday my friend Alana and I decided to explore some sights around Copenhagen. We started off our adventures exploring Rosenborg Castle. Both the exterior and interior of the castle were absolutely stunning (see below for pics). I was amazed how they got such intricate details and painting on the ceilings of the castles.   Next, we took a quick detour to see the inside of Copenhagen City Hall which was also quite nice but not as nice as the castle obviously. After passing through city hall, we visited the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum. There were some really fascinating sculptures here and definitely recommend if you’re a museum person! After the museum, we were hungry and decided to try a danish hot dog which is topped with pickles, onions, fried onions, remoulade, ketchup and mustard.

Rosenberg Castle
Inside one of the rooms in the Rosenberg
Christian IV’s crown
City Hall
Glyptotek Museum
Danish Hotdog

February 6-Visiting Host Family + Baking Cookies

On Sunday I traveled to Hellerup, a suburb of Copenhagen along the coast, to meet my visiting host family for the first time! They showed me around Hellerup and then we grabbed drinks at a coffee shop and got to know each other a bit more. I learned  the wife owns her own model agency, one of her sons is a guard for the Queen and the other son is trying to go to the Paralympics for shooting! How cool is that!

After I got back from Hellerup, I baked homemade cookies with some friends! They were very yummy and I definitely ate more cookies than I should’ve.


February 3rd- Bus Breakdown

After a long day of back to back classes,  I got on my usual 5C Bus that takes me back to my kollegium. Everything was normal  until we stopped at one of the bus stops along the route and the bus wasn’t able to start up again. The bus screens turned black and then soon after the bus driver said something in Danish and everyone had to get out of the bus. Thankfully, I wasn’t too far from home so me and some other DIS students just walked back to the kollegium. (To any future DIS students reading this, don’t worry this was a rare occurrence and public transportation is usually pretty reliable!)

I was surprised by…

•The bluntness of danes. From my experience so far, they are generally more direct and blunt in speech than Americans. Personally, I kind of like the directness.

•The differences in the  education system. In Denmark not only do students go to university for free but they also get PAID to attend university! In addition they pick a certain program (i.e. medicine, engineering etc)  and only take classes related to their track. This is definitely different from my liberal arts college back home where we take courses in a variety of different subjects and  only 11-12 credits are a part of our major.

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