A Two Week Update: Soccer, Castles, Towers and More!

Hej from Copenhagen! I can’t believe I have already been here for two weeks! It honestly feels like I have been here much longer. Here is a quick little recap from the past two weeks: 


January 14th- Meeting my Roommate for the first time 

My roommate  Emma and I had texted to get to know each other a bit before Copenhagen and ended up finding out we were taking the same flight to Copenhagen! What are the odds! I ended up meeting her for the first time at the Newark airport  before we began our journey to Copenhagen. 

January 17th- Nyhavn

On my third day in Copenhagen I explored Nyhavn with a friend from my home college and two other DIS students. It was super pretty at night!

January 18th- Playing Soccer with Danes

I knew I wanted to keep playing soccer in some way while abroad but didn’t know it would be so soon.  After all, it was only my fourth day in Copenhagen. How did this happen this you might ask? The previous night, I went out to dinner with my friend from college, two other DIS students, and one of the DIS student’s  danish roommates. It turns out the two Danish students played soccer and invited us to join them the next day to play pickup soccer with their friends. Thus, one of the DIS students and I ended up joining them for pickup the next day. We played soccer with them for around two hours. Even though I had no idea what they saying most of the time since they were speaking Danish when we were playing, I still had a lot of fun. Afterwards, we went with some  people in the group to get shawarma at this Turkish restaurant called  Kösem which is located in Nørrebro (highly recommend and was a good price point especially for Copenhagen standards). The food was amazing  and the people made the experience even better. I appreciated how welcoming they were and their sarcastic humor as well. It will be interesting  who else I’ll meet and experiences I’ll have through soccer.

January 21st- Cake from La Glace

I was recommended this place by my teammate Ellie who  previously studied abroad here and let me tell you it  did not disappoint. The window display of all the various cakes  definitely makes you stop and draw you into the pastry shop. I ordered a slice of chocolate cake and honestly it might be one of the best slices of cake I’ve ever had in my life.

January 26th- Helsingør and Hamlet Castle

It was the first Wednesday of the semester which meant it was field study time! For context, DIS does not have classes on Wednesdays but instead classes will have field trips in Copenhagen or the surrounding area where you get to learn outside of the classroom! My Danish Language and Culture class took a trip to Helsingør which is a town a little less than an hour away from Copenahgen and close to Sweden. It was interesting to learn about the history of Helsingør and see the Hamlet Castle. 

January 28th-Climbing in the Round Tower

On January 28th it was a rare clear, sunny day in Copenhagen so of course I had to take advantage of it. A couple DIS students and I spontaneously decided to go climb the Round Tower and appreciate the view of the beautiful city of Copenhagen. 

I was surprised by…

•The lack of small talk. It’s definitely different from the US where small talk is commonplace but honestly I don’t mind (any of my friends reading this back home already knows that I’m not a big fan of small talk). I actually kind of like how everyone minds their business here. 

• how it actually feels  safe to walk at night. Back home, I wouldn’t ever consider going out at night in a big city unless I was with a big group of people. So far in Copenhagen, I have felt relatively safe walking at night. The first night my roommate and I walked to groceries around 8pm and we both remarked how we felt safe walking near our Kollegium at night.

Next week I’m looking forward to…

•meeting my visiting host family on Sunday!

•developing my group’s startup project for my core course Innovation and Entrepreneurship! My group’s project is focused on providing travel advice to young adults.

One response to “A Two Week Update: Soccer, Castles, Towers and More!”

  1. April! You inspire me with your adventurous and open-minded personality 🤩⛰.. maybe ill go to Copenhagen ✈️👀


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