A new chapter begins!

Hey ya’ll, welcome to my first blog post! My name is April (no, I was not born in April funny enough) and I’m a junior from North Carolina majoring in psychology and minoring in health studies at Haverford College. More about me can be found here. This semester I’ll be studying abroad in Copenhagen through DIS! At DIS, I will be taking Innovation and Entrepreneurship (core course), Digital Media in Marketing, Psychology of Human Sexuality, Impact of Epidemic Disease upon European History, and Danish Language and Culture.

Studying abroad has always been something on my bucket list and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to go abroad this semester despite the current circumstances with COVID-19. I’m beyond excited to live my best life in Copenhagen in a few days! So excited that I’ve already done most of packing already. I’m excited to live in a Kollegium, meet new people, and explore new places both in Copenhagen and beyond. Academically, I’m particularly looking forward to my Innovation and Entrepreneurship core course and Digital Media in Marketing course since these are classes I wouldn’t be able to take back home because my college does not have a business school.

Along with excitement comes some nervousness. This will my first time ever going to and living in a European country, first time having to go grocery shopping and cooking for myself, and first time living with a roommate. At my college back home, I have lived in a single dorm the past three years and been on the meal plan so haven’t had to share a living space or cook for myself while at college. It will definitely be interesting navigating these things while abroad.

While searching for the perfect abroad program for me, there were a couple of key components that were important to me. I knew I wanted to study abroad in a European country, live in a city that was walkable and had reliable public transportation, interact/meet locals (which DIS helps facilitate through its visiting host program and Kollegium housing option), and take a range of courses to explore my various interests in psychology, health, and business. Because DIS Copenhagen checked off all my boxes, I knew it was the right program for me!

Lastly, you may be curious about my blog title. Well, let me enlighten you. I want to document an authentic perspective of what’s it like to study abroad that goes beyond the picture perfect instagram posts. I will share highs, lows, and everything in between on my blog as a way look back on my personal journey of growth while also giving future students the most realistic view on what studying abroad in Copenhagen is like. Feel free to follow along with me as I enter this new chapter in my life!

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